Licensing & Permits

  1. Building Permit Applications

    View and download applications from the Building Inspection Department.

  2. Dog Licensing

    Start your dog licensing application or renewal here.

  3. Food Service, Retail Food & Food Vendors

    Find Food Safety Program information at the Mahoning County District Board of Health website.

  4. Health District

    The District Board of Health promotes and protects the health of individuals and communities to create a safer, healthier environment, and to improve quality of life.

  5. Health District Fee Schedule (PDF)

    View and download the current District Board of Health fee schedule.

  6. Marriage Licenses

    Find out how to obtain a marriage license, what the obligations are and more.

  7. Public Health Laws

    Find Health District regulations and state health and drainage laws.

  8. Septic Systems

    Find information about septic systems from the District Board of Health.

  9. Tattoo Operators

    Find regulations, applications, and other information for tattoo and body piercing operators.

  10. Vendor's License

    Find out fees and other license information for various vendor applications.