County Offices

  1. Auditor

    The Auditor serves as the county's chief fiscal officer, chief assessor and sealer of weights and measures.

  2. Clerk of Courts

    The principal duty of the Clerk of Courts is to maintain and preserve all court documents, journals, records, books, and papers pertaining to the Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Court, Court of Appeals and Area Courts.

  3. Commissioners

    The Board of Mahoning County Commissioners is the general administrative body for county government.

  4. Coroner

    The Coroner has the responsibility to investigate the cause of any death resulting from criminal or violent means, accident, or other situations where someone in good health dies, or where a death is suspicious or unusual, pursuant to ORC Chapter 313.

  5. Engineer

    The Mahoning County Engineer serves as the County’s surveyor and civil engineer. The County Engineer is required to be a Registered Professional Engineer and Professional Surveyor in the State of Ohio.

  6. Prosecutor

    The Mahoning County Prosecutor is the County’s criminal and civil attorney. The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to seeking justice in criminal cases, providing legal representation to all county officials, agencies, departments and townships. We are committed to supporting victims of crime.

  7. Recorder

    The Mahoning County Recorder's Office is the official land records office for all real estate located in Mahoning County.

  8. Treasurer

    Learn important dates and how to go paperless with the Treasurer Department.